Cumbria Police Urge The Public To NOT Attend An Anti-Lockdown Demonstration In Workington

By Rachael Grealish

Copeland Police is urging people not to take part in a proposed ‘anti-lockdown’ demonstration, in Workington, after a poster about the event began circulating social media.

The poster is stating there will be a demonstration in Workington, however the police is saying to carry on following the rules of lockdown.

In a social media post Copeland Police said: “We are aware of a social media post proposing a gathering in Vulcan Park, Workington, this weekend in connection with the current Covid-19 restrictions.

“Suitable advice is being given in line with our policing style to keep people safe, in which we engage, explain and encourage people to follow the national guidance, with enforcement used only if these three pillars are unsuccessful.”

The post also states the importance of following the restrictions in place, saying: “It is important to remember why we are following the restrictions – this sacrifice is to ensure that we protect the NHS and save lives.”

A continued statement from Copeland Police

Similar statements are popping up, not only nationwide but, all over the world.

It is unclear at this time whether the poster was a ‘hoax’ or a ‘joke’, but it is being taken seriously by police and The Herdwick is looking into the origins of the poster.

The latest celebrity to campaign for a lift in lockdown restrictions is Tesla founder, Elon Musk, who posted a series of tweets on Twitter, ranting he thought ‘the Coronavirus pandemic is dumb’ and to ‘FREE AMERICA NOW!’ – the latter is now pinned to his Twitter profile.

The UK is now on day 38 of lockdown, after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the measures the country would go in to, to fight the pandemic, on Monday, March 23 2020.

Since then the new Labour leader, Sir Kier Starmer has lobbied for the Government to be open with the public about it’s future plans and strategies for when the UK is ready to lift lockdown measures.

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s return to work after being treated for COVID-19 the Labour leader offered a series of proposals to the government and said: “The public have made great sacrifices to make the lockdown work. They deserve to be part of an adult conversation about what comes next,” and “Simply acting as if this discussion is not happening is not credible.”

Currently lockdown measures are still in place and should be adhered to.

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